Welcome to the Humber Apprenticeship Showcase! Are you sitting comfortably?

At our virtual event you will get a flavour of apprenticeships offered from a range of sectors in the Humber region to help you make confident informed decisions about your future.
You can easily book onto our live speakers who will be speaking about their sectors on the day of the event. 

We also have The Pay Index available today under the more helpful info. The Pay Index is a digital application to help students as they begin their decision-making process about higher education, further education and careers.

The Pay Index helps students think through the complexity of making choices to help make the best choice for their future.

Check out this video below on My Future Apprenticeships to see how it works:

Make sure you also check out our more helpful information to access more video’s, case studies and further information on apprenticeships.

If you have any questions please use our speak to HOP feature and get a personalised response back from our student ambassadors/ careers advisors.

Enjoy the Humber Apprenticeship Showcase!